At Calvert Controls, we know that we are only as strong as the individuals we choose to build our team. Sometimes we hire experienced professionals with a proven track record. Sometimes we hire ambitious young people and mentor them to become the best at what they do.

We always hire for attitude and character. Those two traits never fail to shine through, and the last couple of weeks have been a great example. Day after day, we noticed our team going above and beyond to serve our clients and each other

Field Operations Director Rob Stuckey was so moved by it that he stopped to write an email to the entire company, highlighting the great work from every corner of Calvert Controls.

We wanted to spread the recognition even further, so we decided to share that email here for all to see! Enjoy!

Good morning everyone,

I wanted to email everyone recognizing a few people. Nothing can get accomplished in the field or office without us all working together, so thank you for contributing to the vision. 

We were awarded a unique project for a foreign embassy. They need four existing Viessman boilers removed due to their flooded mechanical room in which their boilers were sitting in four feet of water. The goal was to get one up and running within 48 hours of beginning the project. 

Javy Hernandez, Steve Bruffy, Kat Hilsinger, and Jake Wido of the special projects team went in Thursday morning to start the demo of the boilers. On Friday, Aaron Pratt from the service division conducted the start-up for one of the boilers, as was promised to the customer. Monday, George Nicholson, Aaron Pratt, and Austin Ramey continued working on installing and getting the other three operational. 

They are tracking to have them all operating by the end of today—great teamwork across the divisions.


While Danny Williams was on vacation last week, our customer couldn’t wait any longer due to rain in the forecast, so Kenny Briggs helped Charlie Baker out on a job by operating a 120′ lift for 8 hours at the St. Regis Hotel to get a project completed for them. 


While Charles Allen was on call last week, Aaron Pratt and Doug Wallace stepped in and helped by taking some calls even though they weren’t on call. This week, Chris Johnson is on call and Sean Jones and Chuck Hankins have helped by taking some of the after-hours service calls. 


I also want to recognize that not everyone’s contributions may be explicitly mentioned here, but that does not diminish the value of your work. Even without specific mentions, your unwavering support, commitment, and teamwork have been vital to our accomplishments. 

Each person brings a unique set of skills and experiences that contribute to the overall strength of our team. 

Thank you again,

Robert Stuckey