The scorching sun, the shimmering heat waves — it’s summer, and the heat and humidity are rising!

One thing that can put a real damper on any summer day: HVAC system problems.

Imagine your building turning into a sweltering sauna, leaving everyone inside uncomfortable and unhappy. To avoid this summertime nightmare and ensure a cool and comfortable environment for everyone, it’s crucial to invest in a preventative maintenance service plan with Calvert Controls.

The Perils of HVAC Problems in Summer

Summer is undoubtedly the worst time for HVAC issues to rear their ugly heads. When the sun beats down relentlessly, your HVAC systems work overtime to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. The increased strain can lead to sudden breakdowns and reduced performance, leaving you sweating in frustration.

An HVAC issue can spell disaster for your business. Operations grind to a halt, employee productivity suffers, and customers become irritable. Such disruptions can harm your bottom line and your hard-earned reputation.

An inefficient HVAC system can also consume excessive energy, resulting in exorbitant utility bills. In a world where every dollar counts, wasting resources is a luxury no business can afford.


Calvert Controls Preventative Maintenance

We believe that proactive measures are the key to a hassle-free summer. Our Preventative Maintenance packages are designed to address all your HVAC concerns and ensure you breeze through the summer months.

Preventative maintenance visits can be scheduled weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. With proper connections, we can also remotely monitor and control systems. Each visit is tracked by an electronic service ticket describing the work performed and identifying future corrective actions required.

The benefits of regular preventative maintenance include:

  • Longer equipment life
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Fewer breakdowns and failures
  • Better reliability and minimized downtime
  • Less unscheduled maintenance
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Protected warranty status

Embrace the proactive approach and invest in a Preventative Maintenance Plan. Our expert technicians will ensure your HVAC system remains in top-notch condition, so you can enjoy a cool and comfortable environment all summer long.