When it comes to building operations, few things can affect the bottom line as much as energy savings and resource conservation.

That’s why Calvert Controls has become the go-to source for modern Building Automation Controls systems. We help you maintain peak efficiency while prioritizing occupant comfort. Part of that process is saying goodbye to outdated and inefficient systems and hello to a new world of sustainable building operations.

What sets Calvert Controls apart?

Our Controls division boasts an impressive track record of success. We’re not just any mechanical contractor — we’re proud holders of the prestigious Honeywell Automation Control Specialist designation. On top of that, our team has completed comprehensive Niagara Framework training, positioning us as one of the select few contractors qualified to engineer, install, and service these cutting-edge products and systems.

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop there. We offer a comprehensive range of building automation control services that cater to all your needs:

Design and Engineering:

Our talented team will work closely with you to design and engineer the perfect building automation system tailored to your unique requirements. We can design, build and engineer new controls systems, or we can remove your existing controls and replace, integrate or install additional units.



Leave the installation process in the hands of our skilled technicians. We ensure a seamless and efficient installation, so you can start reaping the benefits in no time.


Service and maintenance:

Trust our experts to keep your system running smoothly with our top-notch service and maintenance solutions. We’ve got you covered for the long haul.


Remote monitoring and diagnostics:

Stay connected and in control with our remote monitoring and diagnostics capabilities. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we’re just a click away to address any concerns or optimize system performance.

So that’s what we do for our clients — and here’s why it matters. When your building is connected to a modern, state-of-the-art building automation controls system, you will see significant and immediate benefits.

Here are a few that stand out:

Less energy, more savings:

Reduced energy consumption changes everything! Our systems automatically adjust HVAC and lighting based on occupancy and outside conditions. It’s energy savings made simple.


Comfort like never before:

No more humid, stuffy offices. No more freezing spaces. Our building automation systems work tirelessly to adapt HVAC and lighting systems to the needs of your occupants, ensuring their comfort is never compromised.


Productivity on overdrive:

Create the ultimate work environment with our state-of-the-art systems. By optimizing comfort levels, we help boost productivity and unlock potential.

Ready to take your building operations to new heights?

Our passion for sustainability and unrivaled expertise make us the perfect partner for your journey towards energy efficiency.

Contact us today and discover how our building automation control systems can transform your space into a haven of savings, comfort and productivity.