Our team members have always been the heart of Calvert Controls.

We work hard to find talented, hardworking people and set them up with opportunities to succeed and grow.

Jason Dziedzic is a perfect example. His current job title is Project Manager-Service, but over the years, he’s done a little of everything for Calvert Controls. We challenge him. He challenges himself. He rises to the task and then sets his sights on learning and achieving something new.

It’s been that way since he joined Calvert Controls in February 2012. We hope it stays that way for a long time. So Jason was the perfect choice for the first Calvert Controls Spotlight here on our new blog.

Come for the Q&A about his career trajectory at Calvert Controls. Stay for the stories of his eclectic music tastes and Saturday morning dance skills!

When did you join Calvert Controls?

February of 2012

What got you interested in a career in this field?

I’ve done HVAC since I graduated high school, but I started out doing residential work. I like working with my hands and enjoyed all aspects of the trade as I worked in many roles at the company I was with. Everything from roughing in new homes, running their sheet metal shop and finally doing system changeouts. Once I began doing changeouts, I wanted more of a challenge.

What positions have you held at Calvert Controls over the years and what do you do in your current role?

In my 11 years with Calvert Controls, I’ve worked in each department to some degree. When I started here, there were only 6 technicians in the field so we all basically did everything. There were no defined departments. I was helping with changeouts, emergency service and controls projects.

I spent a few years working side by side with senior technicians before getting a van of my own and began running service calls. I spent approximately 5 or 6 years doing that before transitioning to the Controls Department. I spent about 2 years within that department learning before being handed some projects to run, all the while continuing to do some service and small replacements.

About a year ago I was asked to come into the office to project manage small service bid jobs. It was a huge learning curve to navigate the software we use and learn the processes. I’ve learned a completely different side of the trade and am surrounded by an excellent team of extremely supportive and talented people, inside and outside of the office.

What project are you most proud of that you’ve worked on at Calvert Controls?

I would have to say a controls project I was handed that initially seemed far beyond my skillset at the time. The project lasted numerous months, and I had to not only manage myself and my time on the job but helpers as well. I took great satisfaction seeing the fruits of my labor at the end of each day and how much I had accomplished on something I didn’t even think I could do.

I received numerous compliments from the engineering department on site through the duration of the project about how well my work looked and that they would like me to do more projects with them in the future.

What do you enjoy doing most outside of work?

Anything outdoors or spending time with my family. Vacationing, traveling, seeing new places. I’ve picked up cooking on a smoker over the past few years and enjoy finding different things to grill/smoke besides typical barbecue. I like making homemade jerky. I used to be very big into riding my motorcycle, however it took a back seat and needs a little TLC but I hope to pick that back up this year or next.

What’s something that your co-workers would be surprised to learn about you?

This is a tough one. I’d have to say maybe my taste in music. I love listening to oldies from the 40’s and 50’s all the way to some of the new music out today. I hate metal/hair bands but love 80’s pop and 90’s country and alternative. Drive through Port Republic, Maryland, on a Saturday morning, curtains open, you may see me in my wife’s hoodie, dippin’ a mop back to some Billy Joel!

What do you love most about working at Calvert Controls?

It has always had a family atmosphere. Whether it’s working in the field or here in the office, the company has a great group of dedicated employees. I’ve always felt there was room for growth and advancement within. I am surrounded by supportive people with like minds. This company has supported me in so many ways, not just at work but in my personal life as well.